Silent Shield’s Newsletter

November, 2015 Edition:

November’s Edition is now available! Some of this months highlights include the following:

  • Silent Shield’s upcoming release of Field Search expected to easily parse and examine Microsoft Edge.
  • Score 1,004 “rescues” of victims of child sexual abuse and online exploitation.
  • NIST seeks comment on mobile devices and “Cloud” security.
  • FBI’s “Most Wanted Cyber Criminals.”
  • “Zero Day” $1 million bug bounty claimed, new bounties offered.
  • DHS plays key role in cyber forensics support for law enforcement.
October, 2015 Edition:

In case you missed October’s Edition: Here are some of the highlights:

  • Government promotion of “Cybersecurity Awareness Month.”
  • FBI alert on the vulnerability of “Internet of Things.”
  • Georgia investigators arrest 18 in child porn Internet ring.
  • Private company offers larges ever bounty for computer bug.
  • Silent Shield offers intro training in Jackson, TN later this month.
  • Top U.S. spy chief’s personal email allegedly hacked by teenagers.
  • U.S.-EU “Safe Harbor” agreement nullified by European Court.
  • Homeland Security ponders revocation of security clearance for those falling for phishing.
  • Silent Shield opens satellite office in North Georgia, and,
  • Cybercrime by the numbers.
September, 2015 Edition

In case you missed it, Silent Shield publishes its first newsletter. Packed with over 6 pages of contents, you can still grab a copy to read. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • Silent Shield’s participation in the Crimes Against Children Conference.
  • The vulnerability of today’s planes, trains and automobiles to computer hacking.
  • The Ashley Madison “Hacktavism” data breach.
  • The NSA’s imminent transition of cryptographic algorithms in the face of quantum computing.
  • Upgrades to Silent Shield’s “Field Search,” and,
  • Cybercrime by the numbers.