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Field Search v5 Updated

Field Search version 5 is now available to government and law enforcement agencies around the world. We at Silent Shield are very excited and believe this version will aid in the discovery of material to help isolate data relative to … Read More

Silent Shield’s Newsletter

November, 2015 Edition: November’s Edition is now available! Some of this months highlights include the following: Silent Shield’s upcoming release of Field Search expected to easily parse and examine Microsoft Edge. Score 1,004 “rescues” of victims of child sexual abuse … Read More

P2P Decryptor: Now supports NTUser.dat

The long awaited addition to P2P Decryptor addition has arrived! P2P Decryptor now supports the examination of the Registry file – NTUser.dat. Now you can discover the first time Ares was installed, the path of where the downloads were stored, … Read More

CATIE: Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition offers server database access while still using Microsoft Access. Licensing includes the ability to see other case agents data and even create a report.  Several new options such as statistics reviews, case loads, and case details.

Inventory Module for CATIE

CATIE’s Inventory Module: You asked for it and its now available! With Inventory Module you can now take a picture of the device, mount it, and quickly analyze the data for matches to terms and hash values. After you select … Read More