Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I capture and store the case evidence to a mapped hard drive, which points to a server?

Yes! Some performance issues have been reported due to the distance from your computer’s location to where the server is located. Be sure your network connection is using the fastest connection possible. For additional information, please visit:

What Operating Systems does CATIE operate on?

From Windows XP (sp3) thru Windows 8.1.

Will CATIE run from a thumb drive or external drive?

Yes! Although the installation version may provide you with better performance, you can run CATIE from a thumb drive as small as 4gigs.

Will CATIE run on MAC OS?

Currently no. But we are preparing to build the interface for MAX OS 10.4 and above. Its release date is still unknown. However, if the computer is an Intel based computer running Windows, CATIE will operate just fine.

Will CATIE run on Windows 7, 64bit?

CATIE is a 32bit software application. Therefore, it will run on a 64bit computer, but only as a 32bit application.

Can I get a copy of the program?

Field Search is available to law enforcement or agents that work with law enforcement.

If I don’t use a write blocking technique, what changes are made to the target drive?

Please see the help file for details.

Is Field Search forensically sound?

If you put your target drive behind a write blocker and mount the drive with something like FTK Imager or Mount Image Pro, you’ll get a drive letter. Then Field Search will be. Or you can obtain a copy of WinFE and install Field Search to your build. From that point on, it will be forensically sound.

What does Field Search review?

Field Search can examine pictures, key terms, web URLs, and many other elements.

What is the cost of Field Search?

It's free and available only to law enforcement.

What operating system does Field Search run on?

Windows – from version Windows 98 to Windows 7. Internally we have not tested Field Search on Windows 8, but some investigators are suggesting it runs. MAC – version X and other versions.

Who can I contact for support?

You can either contact us or KB Solutions, who is the company that conceptualized it with the developing company – PM Investigations.


Can we advertise with the web portal of ICIE?

That depends on the school you requesting to partner with. For additional information, please visit:

Is there a MAC version of ICIE?

No. Currently we do not have plans to develop this.

What is the cost of ICIE?

For schools in the state of Georgia – free to schools that qualify. Other organizations or schools outside Georgia may have to pay a set up fee.

What version does ICIE run on?

ICIE has been tested with Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7

Who decides on the terms or reporting fields?

You will...if you qualify as a “free” school as outlined above. Other installs are set by zip codes and your local law enforcement agency.

Training & Certifications

Do I need to bring a computer to class?

If the class requires interaction with the course material, we will let you know. In many cases, however, you'll need to supply the computer.  This gives you the best experience in class allowing you to leave with your system configured correctly.

Will my name, agency name, or any other material be release once I register?

No. We take your privacy very serious. Nothing you provide to us is release unless it’s under a court order.


Can I use the demo version to test out the transporting process?

Yes! Currently you can transport one file of your choosing.  The end user will see our information in the main reader portion of the program.

Do I control over where the files are exported?

No.  That is up to the user.

How many files can Transporter transport?

Although we do not put a limit on the number of files, memory considerations must be followed. The more files the harder the extraction process can become.

What kind of files can I transport?

Just about anything...from pictures (JPEG, JPG, Tiff, PNG, BMP), documents (Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PDF), and even executable or system files.

What limitations does the demo version of Transporter have?

You cannot use more than one file in the extraction process.  The "sender" information will be our information. To remove this limitation, please register the software after purchasing a copy.