Why Silent Shield?

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences, yet every team member actively engages in the art of listening… listening to understand problems, needs, limitations, requirements, and goals. No one can provide a solution if they fail to listen or understand. Silent Shield listens first…THEN, Silent Shield delivers solutions that work.

Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to proactively develop and consistently deliver pioneering technology that empowers innovation, addresses needs, streamlines processes, and increases efficiency at reasonable prices. Using sate of the art techniques, Silent Shield’s promise it to keep your tools running top-notch so that tools purchased today will continue to work through even some old technologies that you might face.

Our Values

Our team will faithfully serve, provide unwavering support, and deliver reliable products to law enforcement, military operations, government entities and others in the pursuit of truth and justice. While keeping our products fit and trim, the support we provide is factored on maintaining high level efficiency while our turn around remains quick and effective.

Our Solution

To develop hardware devices and software application specifically for the law enforcement community in online, offline, and real-time investigations.

We Support

A portion of Silent Shield’s proceeds is dedicated to support non-profit organizations associated with injured or fallen law enforcement officers and military personnel and their families.