Field Search

Now Supporting Version 5

Originating as a tool for probation officers, over the last 15 years Field Search has grown and become recognized worldwide as a reliable, user-friendly tool for probation, law enforcement and military operations with over 32,000 downloads and in excess of 7,000 officers trained. Field Search is free to active law enforcement. To obtain a copy, please contact us.

Internet History

Scanning the most popular web browsers are just a part of what Field Search can do. Version 5 now does EDGE and the latest Internet Explorer.

Field Search URLs

Text Searching

Any language built-in text searching allows you to locate artifacts that may be related to your case. Once the term has been found, you can book mark the results so you can add it to your report.

Field Search Text Results

Gallery Viewer

Field Search has the ability to examine all types of graphics including JPEG, PNG, BMP. Additionally, you can sort based on file size to speed up your examination time.

Field Search Gallery Viewer


Field Search comes equip with a built-in report generator. It allows you to extract the files you need into either a PDF, HTML, or RTF. Optionally, you can extract the entire list of file dates into an Excel for easy reviewing.

Popular Chat

A new Chat History tool allows the examination of chat activity for Skype, Windows Live, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger. Bookmark or extract using Excel.

Field Search URLs

Powerful Registry

The Registry contains 1,000s of valuable entries. Now with version 5, you can collect any or all and include your findings in the report. Offline files (e.g. SAM, NTUser.dat, System, and Software) can also be loaded.

Hash File Searching

Insert files, enter your hash values, include your investigator name and agency information, and let Field Search locate files of interest. An Access database makes adding or editing the contents simple.

Sortable Recycle Bin

Locate files that where recently deleted or based on file name or size. Now in version 5, Field Search v5 you can sort files and add them to your final report. You can also export the file listing to Excel.

Silent Shield is committed to providing Field Search at no cost to law enforcement and government agencies.  After a small initial grant from NLECTC in 2005 to develop Field Search version 1, we have provided improvements and updates for over a decade with no additional funding. If you find Field Search useful, you can help us maintain it through a small donation toward its continuing improvement by using the button below. We appreciate any assistance offsetting the cost of development.  It is, and will remain, a free tool to you. Thank you for your consideration. Please Note: Your donation does not give you access to download a copy of the software and is non-refundable!

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