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Standard Edition

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Indexer is a document organization application that allows you to incorporate all of your case exhibits or appendixes by grouping them together in either one continuing large file or into single separate files. The exported file is exported out to a pdf for final use.

By dragging the files directly into Indexer, you can generate an index of files within minutes. Each file can have its own cover page and brief description. Additionally, you can add footers, headers and even auto-date each page. Indexer can handle a multitude of file types. Listed below are the types of files you can add to your Indexing group:

Email files
Excel Spreadsheets
Word documents
HTML pages
Pictures (JPG & PNG)
and Text files.

After your appendixes or exhibits have been added to your Index case file, you can sort them in any order you wish before you generate a single or multiple file and even add security to the files.

If you’re tired of having to edit your appendixes or exhibits, then Indexer is what you need. Two editions are available.

Standard Edition:
With the standard edition, you can speed up your document processing by using Adobe’s powerful pdf file format.

Professional Version:
Enjoy all of the same features the Standard edition provides plus you’ll get a custom reader that will allow your files to be password protected with a set date of expiration. To purchase the Professional Edition, please click here.


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